Kids Club CDs

Bigger than a piggy bank.

It’s amazing how quickly money in a savings account can add up when your kids are making regular contributions ("Thanks for the birthday cash, Grandma and Grandpa!"). As those deposits start to get larger and larger, it's time to introduce your child to a new investment opportunity.

With a Mills42 Kids Club CD* (also called a share certificate), your kids can enjoy significantly higher yields on their savings by making a commitment to leave that money untouched for certain periods of time. They work just like our adult Share Certificates, but with a lower minimum balance to get started.

This is perfect for younger members who may want to use their savings one day to buy a car. For older kids, it’s a great way to build up money for college.

Bring your kids by the branch and let’s talk about their goals for the future. We’ll be happy to help them understand how Kids Club CDs can help them get where they want to go.

Not a member yet? We’ll take care of that for you as you’re opening your account or taking out a loan. If you want to get a jump-start, enroll online or just give us a call at 978.328.5100. We’ll be happy to help you build from here.

*Kids Club Certificates of Deposit are available to Mills42 members ages 13 and under. Kids Club Certificate requires a minimum deposit of $200. Certificate rates are subject to change without notice. But once a certificate is issued, the rate will remain in effect for the term of the certificate. Certificates earn dividends from the first business day of deposit through date of withdrawal. Dividends are compounded daily and posted monthly and at maturity date. Dividend penalties may apply for early withdrawals. Refer to the Mills42 FCU Fee Schedule and Certificate Account Disclosure and Agreement.