Share Savings

You aren’t just a Mills42 member; you’re a shareholder.

There are all kinds of ways to put money aside, even if you don’t think you have any to spare.

One way is to do something called paying yourself first. If you have regular income, put a certain percentage of it in savings before putting the rest into checking. For example, let’s say you get a $700 check each week from a job or some other source. Now say you want to put 5% from every check into savings. In this case, that would be $35 per check, or a little over $1,800 a year.

No matter what system you use, you can keep your money safe and secure with a Mills42 Share Savings account. It only takes $25 to open (that’s not a payment, it’s still your money) and when your account reaches $500, we’ll even start paying you interest.

Saving money is easy when you make a habit of it. Enroll online, give us a call, or come in and see us and we’ll help you get started. We’ll keep your money safe and sound until you are ready to pay bills, buy something special, or use it for a down payment on a home or a vehicle.

Not a member yet? We’ll take care of that for you as you’re opening your account or taking out a loan. If you want to get a jump-start, enroll online or just give us a call at 978.328.5100. We’ll be happy to help you build from here.